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Things I knew and didn't know

Back when I was preparing to leave for Disney, there seemed to be this trend on the YouTube vlogs to post a video showing the many random and pointless things you were packing for your trip:


Oh, you crazy College Programmers...  Well, I'm no College Programmer (I'm a computer programmer), so you're not getting my list of 103,495 things I brought.  There's a Wal-mart just 8 minutes from the Disney housing complex for PIs.  It's usually swarming with Disney interns.  The Disney apartments are, of course, pretty bare and ugly, so while you can pick up most of what you forgot at Wal-mart, you're going to want to remember some little things to remind you of home.  Just be aware that your apartment might not come with TV (unless a former intern decided to leave it in the apartment rather than lug it back home...that was my experience).  Also, you'll be sharing a toilet, sink, shower, and walk-in closet with your roommate, so bring things that help organize your personal items.  The apartment bedrooms are built for one, but Housing Ops cram two interns in each room.  On a related note, I think that the official Disney housing is way overpriced, yet some of my best memories come from living in that apartment complex with 5 other awesome guys.

I was sent a big red folder containing lots of information about Disney Professional Internships, but strangely enough, nothing about my specific IT internship.  I assumed that I'd need business attire, so after flipping through the "Disney Look" book, I started compiling my dress shirts and slacks.  I brought a suit too...didn't need it at all.  I also brought a handful of ties...I impressed a few people when I wore a tie to work for a week, but it turns out that ties aren't required in the Disney professional look.  They still came in handy when I was giving a major presentation, so I'd recommend bringing a few, guys.

The Disney Look book, a guide to achieving that "timeless" appearance that Cast Members are known for.

A week or so before my arrival date, I was sent instructions on how to check-in at the apartment complex.  But oh the things I was oblivious about!  Where would I be working?  Would I be programming?  I know when I move into the apartment, but when do I start work?

Oh, yeah, bring a car!  All the papers I received stated that I needed a car, but some PIs that I worked with still didn't have one.  It was pretty rough for them.  The College Programmers get a bus service that picks them up from the apartments and takes them to the theme parks.  PIs don't usually work in the theme parks (especially not the IT interns), so this really isn't an option!  Those poor guys and girls had to hope to meet someone else working in the same building and carpool with them.  Not fun.  Bring a car.  Besides, how else are you going to explore the Disney entertainment on the weekends?

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