If you are considering a Professional Internship at WDW or have recently been accepted into the program, this blog is written for you. Feel free to leave comments if you have further questions!


I know why you're here

I started this blog a LOOOOONG time ago.  I had just been accepted into the Disney Professional Internship program, and I was planning to document every step of the way right here.  The inspiration came from the countless YouTube video blogs by College Program participants.  Those guys seem pretty outspoken, but where are the Professional Interns?  Before and after receiving my internship invitation, I was hungry for information about the experience, and I suspect that's why you've stumbled upon this blog.

I know that feeling of wanting to discover all the details about the program and reading the awesome stories of past interns to pass the time as you wait for your own adventure to begin.

So one year ago, I began my own tale, but the blogging unexpectedly ended just as I arrived at Disney.  Blame it on my demanding internship or the fact that the four theme parks were distracting me regularly.  In any case, it has become clear to me that the internet is still lacking information about the mysterious Disney Professional Internship Program.  This retrospective look at the program will be focused on Information Technology internships at Walt Disney World in Florida.  Please ask any questions you have in the comments as we go along.

The major benefit of blogging about this topic now is that I can look back at my experience as a whole.  There are a lot of ways to begin this story, and I think I'll start it like this...

15 months ago I was a college student at the University of Florida.  Today, I write this as a full time Cast Member.  Exactly how I was able to transition from UF campus to Disney office is what I'll be blogging about for what will hopefully be many, informative, and interesting posts that will explain what to expect from your own internship and how to make it a successful one.

"And remember...only you guys are going on this secret mission!  So don't tell anyone!"
                                                           -Dr. Seeker

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